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B and B Scales Inc.



B & B Scales Inc. is licensed and bonded in Texas and New Mexico as a full-service scale establishment. This allows us to calibrate, certify and place "in-service" scales of any capacity, from precision balances to truck scales. We provide both in-house and field service to better meet our client's needs.

In-House Service
Our full-service shop is well provisioned to service almost any type of scale. We have dealer access to manufacturer's schematics for a wide range of scales and we stock a full line of replacement parts. Shop rates start at $75.00/hour with a 30-minute minimum.Important: In most cases, we cannot certify a scale as "legal for trade" in the shop. Scales must be placed in service in the actual location where they will be used.  PLEASE -- don't schlep in a 400lb floor scale and ask us to certify it!! We may be able to fix it, but we can't place it in service in the shop.

Field Service 

We have two well-stocked service vehicles that can come to your business to repair, calibrate and certify your scales. Our technicians are all licensed scale professionals and we can work on all makes and models of scales, both mechanical and digital. Please call us to make an appointment and tell us the make and model of your scale so we can have the right parts with us when we get there. Field Service Rates within the El Paso / Las Cruces are start at $85.00/hour. We offer a flat rate Cal/Cert bundle for $200.00 (calibrate and certify) for scales up to 5,000lbs that are in good repair. For installations outside of the El Paso / Las Cruces area, we will typically charge a travel surcharge depending on the distance, but we will usually go just about anywhere in all of New Mexico and West Texas. For scales over 5,000lb capacity, call us for rates.

Service Plans
We offer preventative maintenance service plans for all scales that we sell, rent or lease, and for some existing scale installations (subject to inspection). A B&B Scales Service Plan is a great way to make sure your scales are always calibrated, always accurate and always certified. Contact us for more information.

How Often Should I Calibrate My Scale?
There is not really a "right" answer to this question, except to say that scales that are "legal for trade" must be re-certified each year. In general, we recommend most scales be calibrated every six months, depending on the kind of scale and the usage. Obviously, if you think your scale is not weighing accurately, call us and make an appointment for us to inspect it.

What Does it Mean to Place a Scale "In-Service" and Do I Have to Do It?
Under the laws of both Texas and New Mexico (and most states), a scale must be "placed in service" as "legal for trade" if money, goods or services are going to be exchanged for an in-kind item based on weight. 

In other words, if you are buying, selling, trading, bartering, or otherwise exchanging an item based on the item's weight, your scale MUST be legal for trade. That means that a certifying body has to come to your facility, inspect the scale and verify it's accuracy with test weights that have been certified and approved by a certified metrology laboratory. Once the accuracy has been verified, paperwork must be submitted to the local Weights & Measures Department that identifies the location and type of scale. B&B Scales, Inc, is licensed in Texas and New Mexico to perform this service.

Examples of scales that need to be legal for trade:
  • Delicatessen scales and cash register scales
  • Cattle scales, if you are selling cattle by weight
  • Farm Scales if you are buying or selling produce or nuts by weight
  • Gold or precious metal scales where a value is placed on the commodity based on weight
  • Shipping Scales, where items are shipped by weight
Examples of scales that do NOT need to be legal for trade:
  • Medical scales. Doctors don't charge by the pound (yet).
  • Cattle scales, if you are only weighing your animals to vet them or for informational purposes.
  • Counting scales that are used for measuring inventory
  • Laboratory scales that are used in conducting experiments
  • Scales used by compounding pharmacies to make medicine


If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a service call or make arrangements to send us your scale for repair, please contact us. We'll do our best to get you scheduled within 48 hours.

Thank you!

B and B Scales LLC